2000 - 2008 ZAGAT Rating, "EXCELLENT"
Year after year, "BEST OF THE BAY"
The Guardian says we have the "Best Mediterranean Food"
Come in and see why!


Time and time again we receive top ratings by all the premier reviewers. But we expect that.
Daily fresh ingredients, prepared in our own recipes, cooked in the most sanitary kitchens and served fresh with a smile. Of course we're the best!

And look at these reviews from customers all over the world...

"First-rate Middle Eastern fare is the game here: Crisp, hot falafel (spring for the deluxe and get fried potatoes and eggplant thrown in for good measure) and unbelievably savory lamb or chicken shawarma. The standard sides--tabbouleh, hummus, baba ghanoush--are good too, as is the potent, addictive yogurt-mint-garlic beverage."
- Seth Lorinczi

"This is the best falafel I've ever had!"... The shawarma left our other visitor speechless for a few minutes, "wow, yeah, this shawarma ... is amazing."

"Do you people not realize what a joyous bounty has been placed in our midst? As a former San Francisco Mission dweller, Truly Mediterranean once formed a core part of my diet, and when I moved to the Beast, it was a sad thing I had to leave behind. Now it has arrived, and it retains all the goodness of forbears. Their lamb shawerma (get it with hummus!) is *the bomb* - spicy tangy juicy flavorful."
- New Berkeley resident

"Truly Mediterranean's shawarma goes down solid, and you're not going to be hungry for a long, long time. Which is a good thing."
- Dan Leone

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